Thursday, November 1, 2012

Practice Bunker

Did you know that on the back part of the range tee, around the corner and next to the fence by the pool is a practice bunker?  For a long time it hasn't been in very good condition - mostly unused and ignored.  Well, that has changed.  Alex and his crew just completed a full rebuild on the bunker, giving it a shape similar to the new bunkers we've built on the course, updating the drainage, and making it into something that you can actually use for practice.  Looks great to me!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

They Play, too

Pictured above is the foursome of Alex Hultz, Scott Crowell, Jay Ballard, and Kevin Crowell taken Wednesday while playing in a tournament at Bear Creek Valley.  The event was at an annual fundraiser for the University of Missouri Turf Research department, and the guys finished in third place at fifteen under par (-15).

So, you're asking yourself, why do I care?  This group is our Golf Course Superintendent, mechanic, landscaper, and Assistant Superintendant.  They not only take care of our golf course but they also enjoy golf, and who better to take care of something than someone who has a deep passion for it?  I've heard negative comments from members complaining when they see our grounds guys playing.  I think it's wonderful that they enjoy playing because it allows them to see the course as a player sees it and not just what it looks like on the seat of a mower.  They enjoy the game and take pride in maintaining our course in a way that THEY would like to play it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UPDATE: New "Tent"

The new "tent" / pavillion is almost complete now.  Only a few minor details remain.  This will allow us to stop using the yellow and white tent for our tournament half-way house.  Having the new structure located off of the drive area will also provide room for visiting carts to park out of the main driveway when they stop to grab a bite.

Thanks to member Sam Willcut who donated his labor to construct this nice addition.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New "Tent"

Take a good last look at the yellow and white tent that we've used for a halfway house the past several years.  The canvas is starting to rot and storms have not been kind to the metal framework, so this week we started construction on a new, permanent "tent".  The "tent" will have it's own concrete floor with partial walls on the front and back, plus a nice roof.  It will not be a full-on building with running water, stove, etc., but more a permanent "tent" to hold our grills and coolers.  Expect a front counter, probably poured concrete, and not a lot of fanciness. 
You'll notice that the slab and building will be off of the driveway.  This will allow cart traffic to park in the area that was occupied by the tent, leaving more room for vehicle traffic in the drive.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Woohoo!  After teasing us and going all around us the last few days we finally got about 1/2" of rain overnight.  This will not make up for the extreme heat and drought we've had for the past month but it is a good start!

UPDATE 7/12/12:  Alex reported at our Green Committee meeting last night that we have now had 1.6" of rain since the end of April.

Monday, July 2, 2012


As of Monday afternoon, July 2, 2012 we are still planning to have our July 4th Fireworks Display as usual.  Mid-County Fire allowed Kinderhook to have theirs on Saturday night, so we should fall under similar conditions (irrigation system available; controlled area; etc.)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

#3 Bunker - Redux

Take a look at this sweet view of the front bunker on #3.  Zoysia sod arrived this morning and Alex and his guys got right on getting it laid. 

Here are a few more of the construction process

This is what the bunker looked like after it was shaped, but before the excavation was done for the actual sand area, and before drainage was installed.

Getting ready for drainage, here you can see the drain that is coming from under the green.  It was tied into the new bunker drainage to fully drain the green and bunker.

The new bunker with the area excavated.  You can see the pea gravel covering the new drains.

Bo and Jay work on getting the sod laid.